New South Wales Pattern Flyers

Just an average group of flyers with an obsession for precision aerobatics.

The next event will be hosted by CVRCMAS Camden Valley on the 20th & 21st of January 2024



CVRCMAS Field Directions HERE.


Enter Sportsman HERE.

Enter Advanced HERE.

Enter Expert HERE.

Enter F3A-6P HERE.

Enter F3A-4P+2F HERE.


F3A-6P  =  6 Rounds of  the P25 Schedule

F3A-4P +2F =  4 Rounds of  the P25 Schedule and 2 rounds of the F25 Schedule


SAT: Attending Saturday Only

SUN: Attending Sunday Only

NF: Attending but not Flying



Entries to date: 

Sportsman Advanced



Richard Chard      Brian McGowan