The Arbalest Evolution Has Flown

After 276 hours of build time the Arbalest Evolution has flown. A somewhat shaky start. So far, in 18 flights, I have broken an undercarriage and hit the electric fence at the Nowra comp. New wings are currently under construction.

I am very happy with the way the model was flying. The wings needed a bit more dihedral to remove the 6% rudder to aileron mix required to correct adverse roll. Hopefully the new wings will sort this out. There is a slight pitch up on left rudder but still trimming so looking pretty good. The finished weight was 4260 grams with an 1185 gram Dualsky battery which is very light compared to the old Arbalest. This gives more power in the uplines and a slower downline speed. Seems to spin well (possibly a little better than the Arbalest) and snaps about the same.

The old Arbalest is flying at 4700 grams with the small canopy mounted cannaliser and the lower cannaliser (bellyiser!).

The main contributors to the 440 gram weight reduction for the Arbalest Evolution were:


Saved 69 grams from a light heat sink on the Spin 99 (29 grams) and my own built short undercarriage (22 grams).

Built up items

Wings 48 grams from Solarfilm instead of Monocote (23 grams) and lighter foam/ balsa (25 grams).

Stab 15 grams similar reason to wings.

Rudder 6 grams similar reason to wings.

No bellyiser fitted (83 grams) (Not yet but who knows!).

Canopy with small cannaliser (25 grams).

The majority of the savings came from the fuse and mounts. The fuse moulding contributed only 17 grams and the rest was an accumulation of savings in U/C mounts, wing tube mounts, servo mounts, ESC cooling air ducts, receiver mounts, battery mount, battery tray and paint. Where possible, Nomex honey comb and carbon cloth was used for trays, formers and bracing.

Hope to have the new wings sorted in time for the Masters.

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